Which One Is Better Among Hair Transplant Dolls or Wig Dolls?

Which One Is Better Among Hair Transplant Dolls or Wig Dolls?

Hair Transplant Dolls Vs Wig Dolls- Which One Should You Buy?

Meta Description: Confused about which sex doll to buy, transplant hair or wig one? Here’s a simple buying guide that can help you choose the best one.

Sex dolls are in vogue among many adults these days. Considering the realistic feel that these dolls give, adults are quite skeptical when it comes to buying one. Well, the confusion isn’t about whether to buy one or not but about which type to buy. That means sex dolls now have two categories- transplant hair and wig hair.

So, if you’re bewildered about this then here’s a quick guide on transplant and wig hair dolls. Keep reading to explore which one is better among hair transplant dolls or wig dolls.


Wig Dolls 

Wig dolls, as the name suggests, are just simple design elements that enhance the look of a sex doll. These wig dolls are made of TPE material with removable hair. Well, it’s quite common that wig dolls are also known as TPE love dolls. Made up of synthetic polymers, these wig dolls are affordable. So, for men looking for pocket-friendly sex dolls, wig dolls are the ones.

Apart from their price, these wig dolls are super-easy to maintain. These wig dolls are easier to wash even after every session of intercourse. If you feel lazy to wash the hair, just remove the wig and soak it in a water tub for a good rinse. You can also wash the hair separately.

With affordable prices and easy to maintain, wig dolls are quite popular as sex dolls for men's full bodies. However, some men think the opposite, as they look for more realistic sex dolls. It’s true that wig dolls look less realistic than transplant dolls. As these wigs aren’t fixed, there might be chances of misplacements. And it might also spoil your mood during your pleasure session. Besides, wig dolls are best suited with TPE heads only. Transplant dolls with TPE heads can give you an unpleasant experience so it’s always best to check before you decide to buy one.

Last, but least, wig dolls offer you endless possibilities to change the look of your sex doll. From different hairstyles to hair colors, you can choose your wig doll to be the way you want. And it’s perhaps the best thing a man can want.


Transplant Dolls

Quite contrary to wig dolls, hair transplant dolls are quite an obsession among many men. Owing to their fixed hair and realistic look, these types of sex dolls are also quite expensive. Transplanted hair fixed on silicone heads gives these dolls a firm look. Silicone is great at retaining hair transplants so such a sex doll will definitely last longer. However, maintaining it can be quite a hassle. Since you can’t remove their hair, washing it can become an uphill task for you.

Despite the struggle of cleaning and maintaining transplant dolls, their best feature is their realistic appearance. Even from the first look, you’ll notice how realistic these transplant dolls are compared to wig dolls. You can enjoy it the way you want without worrying about its hair falling off. But while transplant dolls look realistic, they mostly have a single type of look. Unlike wig dolls, you can’t really change the look of these transplant dolls.

Above all, transplant dolls are firmer than wig dolls due to advanced techniques used in weaving the hair into the skin. Besides, you can also feel that it almost looks like a human scalp. Even though the transplant dolls don’t have a high precision yet it’s difficult to notice it. Its artificial nature won’t affect your sexual drive in any way and lets you enjoy your sweet fantasies or sexual cravings.


Transplant Dolls You Must Check Out

If realistic sex dolls are your thing then here are 3 hair transplant dolls that you’ll love. And these are quite affordable too.

Introducing Ayami, a 5.58ft Realistic Full Body Silicone Love Doll for Men. This busty, milf-like attitude love-standing sex doll has a silicone head with a TPE body.  Check it out here.


Another one on our list is Mina, a 170cm Silicone Head Full Body Sex Doll for Men. This lifelike sex doll is also a hybrid like Ayami and is an absolute pleasure for those who love realistic aesthetics. And if you love Mina and Ayami, we’re sure you’ll fall for Asa too. Asa, the 170cm Realistic Doll Silicone Head D Cup Boobs, is more affordable than Ayami and Mina. With a TPE body and silicone head, this sex doll can give you a whole new sexual satisfaction with its ability to hold onto different positions.


Now that you know the difference between transplant and wig dolls, we hope it’ll be easier for you to choose. Indeed, it’s your preference that matters when choosing between the two types. So, for men, who just prefer realism over style, hair transplant dolls are for you.  But if you're budget constrained then wig dolls are better and can give the utmost pleasure. Pick your favorite and enjoy your sexual fantasies!

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