5 New Rules About Casual Sex That You Must Know

5 New Rules About Casual Sex That You Must Know

 Keep These 5 Rules in Mind While Engaging in Casual Sex

Wondering what the rules of casual sex are? If you're new to the concept, then dive into our article to find out all about what you should and shouldn't do.  

Have you heard of the phrase "Netflix and Chill"? If you have, you have caught a glimpse of the millennial world of dating and relationships. Casual sex has become a part of the dating world. For millennia, speaking about sex was considered taboo and something that followed marriage. In today’s world, sex is understood as a physical need, which is no different from the hunger you feel when you have not eaten or the thirst you feel on a hot day. The physical pleasure that you obtain from sex is what people who have casual sex are looking for. Emotional connections have taken a backseat, and pleasure is given more importance.

Of course, casual sex implies that both parties are healthy, consenting adults who know that it is only a way to satisfy bodily urges. It's easy to get swept up by emotions and end up giving more than you have to. Which is why we have come up with these 5 rules of casual sex that you must follow.


1) Consent is Paramount

As we briefly mentioned before, consent is everything. Casual sex implies that both parties know what they are getting into. Since sex brings with it a plethora of feelings, including strong feelings of attachment and emotional dependence, speaking about how you want to take things further is extremely important.

The word "consent" has several implications. Consent can be given and can be revoked as well. Just because someone has agreed to have sex with you once doesn't imply that they are willing to have a physical relationship with you in perpetuity! This has to be discussed in detail before things start to get hot and heavy. Of course, both of you might start it by keeping things casual, but there is a slight chance that feelings might develop, which is why the discussion is important beforehand.

Having a healthy, mature discussion does that and more. It prevents either of the parties from developing something that is more than just casual since it has been implicitly discussed. Once both parties have agreed for it to be casual with, dare we say the phrase, no-strings-attached, then it’s all good, and may the goddess of physical intimacy smile on your endeavors! 

2) Be Respectful

Respect is earned. You have to be extremely respectful of the person you are entering into this form of relationship with. Casual sex, as the name implies, can be treated casually, but the feelings of the person should matter. Even if you're not in a relationship, try to concentrate on your partner's happiness.

According to studies, women are more likely to experience orgasms with a loving partner than with a hookup. This is because a partner is more engaged in expressing her pleasure, she feels more at ease with them, and communication is open. Don't dismiss her orgasm because of this! Make it clear to her that you'll be there to help her get off, no matter how long it takes. Practice pleasurable foreplay and do everything it takes to make her feel good. If you don't want to "catch feelings" during a hookup, it's important to part ways as soon as possible. But remember to be respectful. It's probably not the best time to send your bedmate packing if it's 4 a.m.


3) Use Protection

Protection is essential when it comes to casual sex. It is generally considered good practice to always engage in protected sex. This is self-evident. For the night, you must discuss protection with your partner. Allowing an unexpected pregnancy or STDs to be the only tale you can tell from a casual encounter is never a good idea. In a casual encounter, many things might go wrong. The other partner could be infected with a sickness that they pass on to you. There's no reason why you shouldn't use protection. It's something to talk about. Talk about your concerns. If your partner disagrees, they're either trying to bend the rules to suit their own demands or aren't thinking clearly. When you see this happening, it is time to respectfully step back and reassess the situation. Maybe the person isn’t up for casual sex.

Talking about protection before engaging in any sort of sexual activity is extremely important as it allows you to gauge the person you are going to be enjoying the night with.

4) Set and Follow Boundaries

Set some ground rules with your partner if you want to back out of a casual sex arrangement without involving your feelings. Talking and texting, for example, should be kept to a minimum. Casual sex shouldn't involve feelings, but the brain sometimes does funny things when neurotransmitters are involved. After an orgasm, the brain releases several happy hormones and neurotransmitters, which increase when you spend time talking with and cuddling with your partner. As a result, do not cuddle or spend time together after the sexual session. This is something that spouses do, not people who hook up. Find someone with whom you feel at ease. Even though you shouldn’t be sleeping with someone close, you should be able to talk with and feel comfortable with your sexual partner. This will help you have the most enjoyable encounter possible. 

5) Keep it Light and Don't Forget to Have Fun!

Casual sex is difficult to get right, can easily get complicated, and is best enjoyed when feelings are kept at bay and the encounter is treated casually and lightly. Do not go overboard while hooking up by doing something that can easily be misconstrued as a romantic activity. You should avoid going on long dates before the session, as well as discussing topics that may demonstrate an extreme desire to get to know the person. Questions that appear to be boring, such as "what is your favorite hobby?" are a safe bet.

Remember, you are here to keep things light and fun. Delving into the past or trying too hard, might be a complete turn-off and send all the wrong signals to your partner. We’re not asking you to behave like a mime and not talk with your partner at all. Just, keep it light, will you? Don't offer activities that could be mistaken for a date, such as sit-down meals, movies, or museums. That isn't a casual situation. This is a relationship that isn't exclusive. Or, more likely, one person who is prepared to want something more than casual sex. 

We hope this was a fun read. Go out there and have a blast! Follow these 5 rules of casual sex and you are golden!

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