Here Are The Dos and Don’ts of Sex after Thanksgiving Dinner

Here Are The Dos and Don’ts of Sex after Thanksgiving Dinner

All You Need To Know About Having Sex Post Thanksgiving Dinner

Wondering about the dos & don'ts of sex after Thanksgiving dinner? Dive into our article to explore all the precautions you can take for memorable lovemaking. 

Do you smell it in the air? Tantalizing, warm, roasted turkey and delicious mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving is the day it becomes extremely difficult to differentiate between dieters and gluttons. An estimated 3000-4500 calories are consumed by an average American during Thanksgiving dinner. After all, why not? Thanksgiving heralds the beginning of the holiday season, which is the highlight of everyone’s year. But when we talk about stuffed turkey during Thanksgiving, we also have to mention the stuffing you look forward to later in the night. And no, we aren't talking about the edible kind. 

Sex after Thanksgiving Dinner seems daunting at first, but as the wine flows through the night while discussing dinner roll recipes with your grandmother, you cast a look at your significant other and sparks begin to fly. You might feel like getting frisky immediately and rushing to the bedroom. However, as you try to stand, your stomach refuses to cooperate, and you may rule out any physical activity after dinner. We are going to go out on a limb and wager that you have felt exactly like this before. Here is where we come in. Fret not! Sex after dinner can be a comfortable affair if you follow our list of simple dos and don’ts of sex after Thanksgiving Dinner. 

Do: Eating Foods That Are Known Aphrodisiacs

Thanksgiving Dinners are filled with foods that are aphrodisiacs. While not scientifically proven, sweet potatoes have been reported to stimulate female sex drive when taken in big quantities. The sweet potato is strong in potassium, which helps to alleviate tension, and it also contains vitamins A, C, and iron, which are crucial sex drive-enhancing elements. Figs are notably high in sex-drive-boosting Vitamin A (vital for the reproductive and circulatory systems), while cranberries are high in Vitamin C, which can help treat urinary tract infections. The addition of these ingredients or just consuming them wholly will help usher in a great night of great sex. Who says stuffing is only for the turkey? 

Don’ts: Not Eating In Moderation 

Hey, we get it. Thanksgiving is everyone’s cheat day. Even people who are hardcore dieters have been known to stumble and eat as much as their hearts desire on Thanksgiving. We are but mere mortals. Now that the guilt is out of the way, we need to understand that with great power, aka tasty food, comes great responsibility. We ate lots of aphrodisiacs and now if our belly is too full to have sex comfortably, it kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? It is with a heavy heart that we must suggest an almost blasphemous concept. We need to develop the will power to say no. ‘No!’ to that 5th extra helping of mashed potato. ‘No!’ to that 3rd slice of pecan pie. Trust me, your significant other will be extremely glad you did. The sacrifice will be worth it because you can now satiate yourself in ways other than just satiating your hunger, if you know what we mean. Wink, wink.

Dos: Try Out New Or Easier Positions

Trying new sex positions is essential to prevent stagnation in the bedroom. What better time to try out new positions than just before the holidays? What is even better is that the positions we suggest are easy to have sex in, even with a full belly. In fact, they might even be recommended to make sex more comfortable.

The turkey trot: "This posture is excellent if you have stuffed your stomach with a massive Thanksgiving feast and don't want to lie down to have sex," says Marsha Jackson, a sex counselor, and blogger who focuses on queer and gender-fluid problems. It's similar to doggy, however, the recipient keeps their hands clasped behind their backs so the penetrator can hold the clasped hands and keep thrusting. You can also use your favorite sex toy to heighten the sense of pleasure.

The one without a bed: Forget the bed for a moment, bear with me here, and hop onto a dresser! Spread your legs so your lover has complete access to you. You'll be whimpering with pleasure as you see your partner slide their penis or a wonderful curved dildo inside you (or a different sex toy if that catches your fancy), and your hand circling (or tapping) your clit.

Don'ts: Drinking More Alcohol Than You Can Handle

Alcohol is a great accompaniment to greasy food, and as we all know, Thanksgiving food is especially greasy. Hey, we wouldn't have it any other way. What is a dinner roll if not slathered in butter? A turkey looks good only when it has been greased up with copious amounts of butter. Alcohol also helps loosen even the tightest of tongues, and since Thanksgiving Dinner is a time when families get together without having met for an extended period of time, gossip reigns supreme! Alas, there's only one problem: Drinking too much alcohol is notorious for causing issues in the bedroom. We advise drinking in moderation. Drinking too much can lead to slipping up in more ways than one. You don't really want to let your grandmother know about all of your college sexual escapades. On a humorous note, drinking less alcohol will help you steer clear of Uncle Samuel, who is usually creepy at this time of year, especially after he has had one too many drinks.


Dos: Use Sex Toys That Get The Mood Going

There is a famous saying that you do not need running shoes to go running, but it sure helps. We share the same ideology. You do not need sex toys to have sex, but it sure helps! Sex toys have come a long way from the dildo you once saw in a movie or heard about in hushed tones as you passed by an XXX store. Sex toys include ways to spice up your sex life in more ways than one. Having a hard time (pun intended) getting it in? Use copious amounts of lube! Heck, you could use edible lube. Didn't have enough food during the Thanksgiving Dinner? You can use edible lube all over your partner. Need I say more? Want to get naughty and frisky with your partner without you being near her? Use a remote-operated dildo. Want to try something new in the bedroom and haven't tried any sex toys previously? Use a vibrating cock ring that will take you both through a guided tour of the seven heavens and back. All in all, sex toys are friends and shouldn't be viewed as competition.


Don’ts: Giving Up On Eating Healthy After Thanksgiving

It's understandable to take one look at your belly after Thanksgiving Dinner and immediately abandon any thoughts of continuing your diet (if you've been on one) or getting into dieting. You might think: "The damage is done. I will never regain the slim and toned body I had during college." Do not worry. Sex is a great way to burn off excess calories that you have gained during the Dinner. These dos and don'ts are the best way to increase your chances of having sex in a comfortable way, which in turn increases the calories burned. It's a Win-Win!

We hope you found our article informative and helpful. Have a happy and safe sex Thanksgiving! 


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