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Scientists Use Sex Toys to Study Turtle’s Stimulation

Exploring Vibrators - A Sex Toy Helping Scientists Study Turtles’ Erection


Wondering how a vibrator could be used for science? Well, here are some findings where sex toys helping scientists study turtles’ erectile stimulation.


Spicing things with your partner using vibrators and anal plugs is quite in vogue today. Obviously, your libido is high and you also get to explore your sexuality much better. Not just that! Both you and your partner can understand each other’s turn-on hot spot quite well. It’s totally possible with a different sex toy, be it an O-shaped vibrator or a G-spot one. You can even try a dildo cum vibrator to enjoy self-pleasure.


But have you ever wondered these little toys that make you drool in pleasure, can be used for science? Who could think that these small pleasurable sex toys are helping scientists study turtles’ erection? Surprised, shocked, and confused? Obviously, it’s kind of unbelievable to think that sex toys like vibrators can stimulate turtles.

Well, let’s delve further to get better insights on this.

vibrating vibrator

How Sex Toys Helps Scientists Study Turtles’ Erection

Imagine you are stuck in a swamp in Oklahoma in humidity hearing a subtle buzz sound. It’s not any cricket, bees, or snakes but a sex toy clung to the genitals of a turtle. Yes! That’s not an unusual sight for scientists and fauna conservators. Let consider actual research to understand this.


In a turtle erectile study, some scientists collected 50 males from 4 different species- Mississippi mud turtles, western chicken turtles, spiny softshell turtles, and common musk turtles. As the experiment began, the scientist used an 18 cm silver bullet vibrator to induce erection. Clinging the vibrator close to their shell and tail for 10 minutes till they achieved the erection. Keeping note of the time to induce erections, scientists proved that these sex toys are perfectly able to turn these turtles on.

Such findings were also published in many journals including Acta Herpetologica. Some conservators and scientists also use vibrators to determine the sex of the turtle, as it’s difficult to guess just by looking at their physiological features. Unlike humans and many other creatures, turtles’ genitalia aren’t visually distinct. Hence stimulation helps a lot, in different ways too. Sometimes, scientists use sex toys to test their testosterone levels or for surgeries on their little penis!


Well, scientists haven’t just stopped there! They took some more intuitive steps to woo male turtles to show a little glimpse of their penis. It’s more like romancing male turtles. Another study by McKnight revealed that battery-powered vibrators are enough to turn turtles on which means they evert their penises. However, it isn’t as easy as you think; obviously they aren’t like us! Mostly it depends on the species. While soft-shell ones easily responded, mask turtles and Mississippi ones required some foreplay.


Moving on, sex toys and vibrators having such interesting usage are definitely unconventional. But ecological concerns and extinction of species have alarmed many. And opting for such solutions shows a bigger picture of the struggles scientists and conservators go through to save the fauna. David Steen, the famous ecologist, shares that this technique of stimulating turtles with sex toys adds value to scientific record and even bring sex toys to mainstream conversations. Otherwise, sex toys are still a ‘hush-hush’ thing to talk about in public.


Honestly, vibrators aren’t just spicing things up for humans but for turtles too! Stimulation, foreplay, and mating aren’t limited to humans now. Now that you know how sex toys help scientists study turtles, you’ll understand that these pleasure objects are literally capable giving you an intense orgasm. So, are you waiting for such a good vibrator?

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