The Importance of Sex in Relationships  

The Importance of Sex in Relationships  

Why Is Sex So Important in Relationships?

Sex and intimacy today are often debatable topics for the success of relationships. Find out what experts are suggesting on this.

What is the requirement of a successful relationship - great understanding, compatibility, and good sex? Experts and several researchers have often pointed out there’s a connection between sexual indulgence and overall well-being. However, this well-being isn’t always correlated to sex but all sorts of physical intimacy. 

Needs vary, as the relationship grows! So, assuming that sexual activity is the only important thing in a relationship is a total lie. But, of course, sex and physical intimacy help a lot in maintaining any relationship. Couples today are adopting different ways to make things hot and steamy. With sex toys including vibrators and dildos, you can totally rock your sex life with your partner.

So, let’s find out how is sex important for relationships.

Why Is Sex and Physical Intimacy Important for Relationships?

We often equate sex and intimacy as the same thing. But it’s not. Sex is a form of physical intimacy. Other forms include cuddling, massaging, hugging, and kissing. Well, we always believed physical intimacy helps develop an emotional connection with a partner that is very important for any relationship. However, just physical intimacy or sexual incompatibility are potential reasons for relationship fallouts. 

It’s sensible to look over all sorts of physical intimacy with your partner, discuss your vulnerabilities and desires for a healthy relationship. Sex experts suggest this as couple communication. With effective communication, couples would know one another much better.

Here are some benefits of sex in a relationship.

  • Sex is great for your physical health. You’ll agree that many of us are becoming couch potatoes. Sex is one exercise that relieves muscle pain, menstrual cramps, headaches, and even improves heart health. That’s not enough. A few studies have highlighted that sex can also improve the immune system. 
  • Another benefit of sex in relationships is the emotional well-being of couples. As per some research, sex/physical intimacy reduces the level of cortisol (stress hormone). Post-sex relaxing feeling is different, like a deep meditation. And, with better emotional/mental well-being, your relationship can be stronger. 
  • Last, but not least, sex is definitely healthy for relationships. It’s like the fuel that drives both partners close to each other. Moreover, after a great sex, partners feel more connected and comfortable with one another. 

Many of you might wonder how frequently you should do it. Well, it’s tricky, as doing it too frequently can pose health risks. However, once or thrice a week would do perfectly fine for a better connection. Moreover, sex isn’t always enough. You must communicate your needs and desires to your partner, and understand their wants too. After all, understanding each other is all it requires for an amazing relationship. 

If you aren’t having sex frequently or something is missing, you must immediately talk to your partner about it. Also, try something new to add some spice to your sex life. After all, vanilla sex becomes monotonous and kills libido. So, plan out ways to entice your partner into a steamy sexual intimacy.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy sex with your partner. 

How to Enjoy Sex in a Relationship?

Making sexual intimacy enjoyable for both partners is a little confusing. Of course, couples have different desires and libido. While one might just want sex, others might like other forms of intimacy. So, to make things work and bring you two on the same page, here are a few things you can try.

  • Talk it Out 

Interestingly, some couples have pointed out how sexual difference is a big-time deal-breaker. However, the best thing to do is talk it out. Expressing yourself to your partner will help the latter know you better. Talking about everything will make your partner understand and you can reach conclusions fasters. We are sure you can enjoy your sexual intimacy with a better understanding. 

  • Get Naughty 

Sex is creative and imaginative. So, sometimes it’s okay to get naughty; actually, it’s great. It adds fun and excitement that makes you crave for more. Well, you can spice things up a bit with couples’ vibrators. Else, you can surprise your boyfriend with a little self-pleasure using a dildo. Trust me, it will be a big turn-on for your partner. We also suggest using kegel balls, making things a little different for your love. With all these sex toys, you can really get better arousal that can uplift your mood too. Also, you can explore new things and fulfill each other’s fantasies.   

  • Plan Your Sex 

Planning for sex always makes it exciting. Well, it’s good to be spontaneous but planning a steamy and erotic session will definitely bring a lot more excitement. Mark your calendars and create the perfect ambiance to enjoy a great session. Besides, planning such a day will show your love and enhance your connection with your love. While it’s important to prioritize other things in a relationship, sexual intimacy is one thing that you shouldn’t ignore. Picking out one day to enjoy your love is essential for a healthy relationship.


Well, the bottom line here is that sex is a great way to express your love. However, not everyone looks for only sex to have a happy relationship. We feel it’s important for a relationship but not an absolute necessity. The most essential aspect is to understand and communicate which helps to validate your partners’ feelings and desires. Nevertheless, you can always enjoy sexual intimacy that helps you connect better with your love. A healthy relationship is one, that’s the perfect amalgamation of intimacy, understanding, acceptance, and communication. 

So, indulge in some hot and steamy sessions and surprise your partner with special gifts like sex dolls or vibrators to add more spice to your romance. 

This Valentine’s Day, spice up your love life with some steamy sex, and yes, don’t forget to cuddle!



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