How to Have a Healthy and Safe Sex Life during Lockdown?

How to Have a Healthy and Safe Sex Life during Lockdown?

Tips for a Healthy and Safe Sex Life during Lockdown


Is the pandemic lockdown affecting your sex life and your mental health? Here are some tips for a healthy and safe sex life during lockdown for your well-being.

When COVID-19 struck the world both facts and myths were doing rounds on the internet and the media. From facts about the virus to the level of contagion, the health crisis was debated and discussed on various forums. Soon people started social distancing and shutting themselves off at their homes to break the chain. Social butterflies fell into depression and the extroverts had a hard time adjusting to the new normal.

One of the things many people dearly missed was their active sex life. Going to the bar and picking dates, and trying dating apps to meet people came to a standstill. Couples living in different places had a tough time meeting each other during the pandemic. It was not only the compulsory lockdown that deterred people from having sex, it was also the fear of contagion. Sex and coronavirus became a topic of discussion on many social media platforms. Health authorities started issuing guidelines so couples can engage in safe sex. 

How to have a healthy sex life during the lockdown? The question surged on many search engines. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found the presence of COVID-19 virus in the semen of infected men. This suggested that unprotected sex has the potential to spread the virus. The Virus can easily spread through sex as they involve heavy contact with your partner’s saliva. Hence, the safety of every individual is important. But if you can’t go out or meet your partner physically, then here are some ways to enjoy a healthy sex life with your partner while maintaining a safe physical distance.

1. Phone sex

Many of you are already resorting to phone sex to fill the void of an absent sex life. Phone sex can either mean dirty talking to your partner on a chat or a steamy face time session. Engaging in erotic conversations and enjoying your partner’s nude pictures can be a great way to fill the void of lack of sex.  

2. Masturbation

Set up a regular face time session to masturbate together with your partner. You can have spontaneous sessions too if both of you are up for it. Watching some porn and masturbating together is also a great way to relax. Doing a live striptease in front of the camera for your partner can also work wonders in keeping your relationship strong. 

If you are a woman stuck at your apartment alone, you might be interested in some fun vaginal exercises. You can try out ben wa balls for doing kegel exercises that can tighten your vagina. Not only are these for exercises but can also be used for masturbation as well. These ben wa balls can vibrate once they are inside your vagina so you can stimulate it while doing the exercise. 


3. Sex toys

Some people go for homemade sex toys while others prefer to buy sex toys online. Homemade sex toys like cucumbers, carrots, and other vegetables and even electric toothbrushes are commonly used to have a sexual release at the comfort of your home. But, homemade sex toys can be dangerous. There are complications such as retained parts in the vagina, so be careful while using these. However, it's best to avoid these. A safer option is commercial sex toys that are designed for sexual stimulation, so let’s leave the vegetables for eating.

Commercial sex toys are designed to give you unique experiences. It can be used to stimulate sex life with your partner as well as your masturbation sessions. Using sex toys is a guaranteed way of achieving quick, powerful, body shaking and squirting orgasms. These can be great accompaniments during a dirty face time session with your partner.  

Vibrators are the most common sex toys that are used by couples. These can stimulate the clitoris, penis, ear, or nipples. These magic machines can instantly get you turned on and at the same time deliver a mind-blowing orgasm. There are different types of vibrators in the market including women vibrators and men vibrators. If you are a couple staying at different places you can try gifting one of these to your partner. Some of the other kinds of vibrators include an anal vibrator, penis massager, nipple vibrator, dildo vibrator, etc. Read about each and find out the one that you like the most. 

Check out this G Spot vibrator and make your sex sessions with your women even happening. Another option is the O-shaped clitoral vibrator; believe us these are going to not only spice up your sex life but also bring in that feeling of intimacy with your partner. And if you are a single woman and love some steamy self-sessions, then these products are for you.

A dildo vibrator is one of the best toys to stimulate your G-spot. This device has up to 10 vibration modes and is rechargeable. If you want a lifelike experience to spur your imagination and self-pleasing sessions, then these 12-inch realistic dildos and  10-inch realistic dildos can do the trick. Accompanying real-size balls to add to your sensation, these dildos are here to give you some big-size fun. 

These are some of the ways you can spice up your life during the lockdown. Especially, if you are living alone and away from your partner, sex toys can save the day for you. Make sure you wash your sex toys with soap and warm water after use or rather read the instructions to clean them. If you can’t avoid having sex, wear a condom and try sex positions that involve less face-to-face contact. Kissing and oral sex should be avoided at all costs. Even if you are, make sure you and your partner have done all the necessary tests. Even though this health crisis has ruined your social and sex life, such alternatives come to the rescue.

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