What a G Spot is & How to Find It: A Simple Guide

What a G Spot is & How to Find It: A Simple Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Finding the G Spot

Learn to pleasure your partner in the perfect way by stimulating their G spot correctly. Dive into our article to figure out all you need to know about it. 

We have all heard of the elusive G-spot in women. An area of the vagina, which when stimulated, results in mind-blowing orgasms. These orgasms are superior to the regular, run-of-the-mill clitoral orgasms. Now that we have your attention, What exactly is the G-Spot and where to find it?

The G-spot is an erogenous zone that is said to exist on the anterior vaginal wall which is closest to the belly button. According to research, the G-spot is said to stimulate greater, better, or more powerful orgasms, which might include "squirting" or female ejaculation.

Confused? So are we. Let's take a closer look into understanding the anatomy of the G-Spot so you can explain to your partner that the G-Spot is real and there is a way to find it without a map.

Anatomy of the G Spot

Ernest Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist, first described the G-spot in 1950. That's how it earned its well-known moniker. He describes all women as having a "very erotic zone" around one inch past the opening of the vagina on the anterior vaginal wall and parallel to the urethra in his study, "The Role of Urethra in Female Orgasm," first published in the International Journal of Sexology. He claimed that stimulating that area creates extreme sexual pleasure and leads to orgasm, even claiming that "normal" clitoral orgasms were inferior to G-spot orgasms.
When compared to nearby tissue, the area is described as "firm," "spongy," or "bumpy," and it is reported to be very sensitive, comparable to the clitoris. When aroused, some report it expands or becomes erect, comparable to the penile tissue. Researchers conducted a physical vaginal examination on 800 women and discovered that when a specific location on the anterior vaginal wall was stimulated 72 percent reported greater sexual emotions, compared to other places in the vagina, they termed it the "hypereroticism region" to separate it from the G-problematic spot's anatomical associations.
According to Sadie Allison, a professional sexologist and author, many experts now believe the G-spot is the urethral sponge. "Every woman has a urethral sponge, which is a little, stiff, oval-ish patch of spongy tissue that surrounds the urethral cord," explains Allison, who also owns Tickle Kitty, a boutique that sells sex toys, vibrators, and lubricants. "During excitement and intercourse, it engorges with blood to protect the woman's sensitive urinary canal," she explains. “It turns out that when aroused, it may provide some women a lot of sexual pleasure," Allison says.
Now that we can conclude with scientific certainty that the G-Spot indeed does exist, how should one go about stimulating that elusive zone that promises to take you to heaven? Stimulating the G-spot (also known as the urethral sponge or H-area) may elevate sex and orgasms to new heights. Here are three-pointers to help you get there:
Using Sex Toys
Several sex toys are designed specially to stimulate the G-Spot.  The rabbit vibrator with two prongs that stimulate the G-Spot and the clitoris at the same time.
Talk about a great way to start your day!  Dildos with vibration settings are an excellent tool when you aren’t quite certain where the G-Spot is located and you need some time (and vibration) to find the spot.Dildos with a thrusting setting are great as well if your G-Spot needs the extra thrusting motion for stimulation.
Trying Different Sex Positions
To hit the G-spot, try different sex positions. Allison suggests "cowgirl," which means "woman on top." "This is because she has entire control over the pace, depth, placement, and grinding," she explains, "and she can adjust it all to precisely what she wants and gyrate herself to climax."
Using Your Finger
Manually locating your G-spot is the simplest method. It may be done with your own fingers or with the help of a partner. Simply place a clean finger in the vaginal canal, palm up, and stroke in a "come here" motion. It should feel like a bumpy spot which is slightly different in texture compared to the surrounding area as mentioned above. 
Now that you are armed with this knowledge, we hope your sexual adventures and climaxes reach new heights. We know ours have!
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