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 TOP Quality Sex doll  

 Implanted hair (NOT the wig) 

 Silicone head (NOT the poor TPE head) 

Doll Feature:

Skin: Fresh

Head: Hard realistic Silicone head without Oral

Shoulder: movable shoulder

Breast: Solid and soft breast

Feet: Standing feet 

Figure: Big boob and slim figure

Skeleton: metal skeleton

Postures: Doggies, Missionary etc.









Doll weight: 37kg/82lbs

Gross weight: 45kg

Package dimensions:154*42*32cm / 60.6*16.5*12.6 inches

What does the package include?

1* lingerie

1* cleaning device

1* sex doll

1* USB heating rod for love holes

1* pair of gloves

1* blanket

About Silicone material (this doll's Head)

Silicone sex dolls are known for their soft lifelike feel and their durability.  Silicone is one of the longest lasting sex doll materials on the market.  It is non-porous so it is very resistant to markings, as well as hygenic.  Silicone is also extremely stretchy, able to extend up to 4-5x it's normal length and return back to it's normal shape.  This makes lifelike silicone sex doll less likely to tear or lose their shape, unlike some other doll materials.  

About TPE material (This doll's body)

The TPE material is also very flexible, it can be bent, stretched, twisted, and will retain its original shape. These qualities make it one of the favorite materials used by the best manufacturers in the sex doll industry. On top of that, TPE real sex dolls are easy to clean, resistant to markings and tears, and dry quickly.TPE is a great material for creating the small detailed features of a sex doll, like their mouths, noses, and labia. In other words, if you're looking for a realistic love doll for a more lifelike sexual experience, buying a TPE sex doll should be your number one choice.

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