Standing at 166 cm (5ft 5inches) and weighing 33 kg (72Lbs), Tanmy is the sex doll of your dreams. She has an attractive, athletic body and features curves in all the right places. Her innocent glowing face, coupled with a pair of soft breasts, and a fine ass is a combination that every man wishes to get.


What could you possibly want?

Tanmy will pleasure you with all her orifices, and she is fully articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints. The skeleton promotes an upright posture while the joints make her flexible. Be sure to try out numerous sex position with her. Trust me! She’s more than ready for anything you throw her way.


There’s nothing not to like about this beauty. Tanmy promises a brighter future, one that she wishes to spend with you. She is not clingy, she’s always in the mood for sex, and you’ll never hear her complain about anything. And in a world where men are living in constant fear and disappointment from their women, what better way to live a happy life than with this amazing sex doll?


Life is short, chooseMara. This beauty queen works as an assistant in a law firm in the city, a job she has held on to since graduating from college. “I love my job. It is all I ever wanted to do,” she starts. Mara admits that though she gets rewarded well, she works more than 12 hours a day, and she barely has time to herself. This has greatly affected her social life, seeing that she recently broke up with her boyfriend, who couldn’t understand why her job took all her time. Life can be cruel at times. Don’t you think?


‘I have had many of my colleagues hitting on me at work.” Who wouldn’t anyway? However, she discloses to me that she doesn’t like mixing business and pleasure, something that hasn’t settled well with her boss who has hit on her many times in the past. In fact, Mara admits that she is ready to quit her job and find another one. “I work for a boss who is dominant, and wants everything to himself,” she continues.


Heartbroken, and possibly without a job soon, Mara is ready for anything that may be thrown her way. “I’m willing to be a housewife for a job,” she says. And having worked as a masseuse earlier on in her college days, imagine what this beauty brings to the table. She has a lot to offer, and I bet you need her in your life.


Imagine coming back home from work to meet this beauty waiting for you on the couch with just but a drape on? Or better still, waking up next to her in the morning? That’s heaven for you. Right? Mara will pleasure you in any other way that you wish. She will massage you every day after a long day at work, making sure you’re ready for the next day.



Doll Measurements

  •   Height: 166cm | 5ft5  
  •   Bra size: C-cup  
  •   Full Bust: 81cm | 31.8″  
  •   Under Bust: 62cm | 24.4″  
  •   Waist: 53cm | 20.8″  
  •   Hips: 84cm | 33″  
  •   Foot Length: 21cm | 8.2″  
  •   Shoulder Width: 42.5cm | 16.7″  
  •   Weight: 33kg | 72 lbs  
  •   Vaginal Depth: 18cm | 7.1″  
  •   Anal Depth: 16cm | 6.3″  
  •   Oral Depth: 12cm | 4.7″  
  •   Package Size: 160*43*28 cm  


 Key Features: 

Delicate and realistic appearance Full-featurd

Premium TPE, absolutely safe, soft to touch and feeling nearly as real

Metal alloy skeleton and all adjustable joints, makes her can pose in any position as a real woman


Discreet plain packaging




Vaginal, anal and oral capabilities

Durable steel skeleton with movable joints for many amazing sex positions

Medical grade TPE material (The default material is TPE, feel free to contact us if you want a Silicone love doll)

Full Secret Package: Nobody Knows What it is included, this toy will be shipped to you with discreet package.


 What Included in Package: 

1X Doll

1X Instructions

1X Bisposable vaginal cleaner

1X Wig

1X USB heating rod


 Doll Full Body Details Show 



 Doll Movable Display Case: 



  Daily maintenance and care   

Keeping your sex doll clean and well maintained is the key to preserving the longevity of your new ultra-realistic sex doll. Here is a list of tips for maintaining the quality and life of your sex doll.

Clean Your Sex Doll

We recommend cleaning your doll directly after every use and dolls should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks as a minimum (Regardless of usage).

Use a mix of regular antibacterial soap and clean tepid water, gently massage the doll’s skin with your hands, or pat down with a clean sponge. (Just like you would clean a real person.)

You can shower or bathe your doll.

Be sure not to allow the neck or head to become too wet. This is to prevent rusting on any of the metal components. If you do accidentally allow the metal components to become wet, be sure to dry them immediately to prevent rusting.

Do not use abrasive soaps or any other general cleaning products.


Dry Your Sex Doll

Ensuring your doll has dried completely is as important to limit the chance of damage.

Pat-dry gently with a clean soft cotton cloth and allow the skin to air-dry fully.

Do not use a hard sponge/ brush or wire wool for cleaning – it will cause damage.

Do not rub the doll with a towel, use a ‘patting’ motion if using a towel to dry.

Apply talcum powder (talc) to your doll’s body once dry. Do not apply talc while your doll is still wet.

Apply talcum powder to the doll’s body after cleaning, this preserves the skin and prevents damage from friction.

Apply talc to your doll every two weeks, or at a minimum- monthly (depending on use).

Do not apply any other substances on the skin, such as fragrance oils.


Clean The Vagina/ Anus/ Mouth

The vaginal, anal and oral areas of the doll should be cleaned after every use to avoid growth of bacteria, as TPE skin is more porous than Silicone.

Flush the canal with mild anti-bacterial soap water in a vaginal irrigator until thoroughly clean, rinse the canal with clean water in a vaginal irrigator until all soap is removed.

Dry canal thoroughly.

Once dry dust with Premium Renewal Powder inside and out.

Clean Your Sex Doll’s Face

Remove the head from the body

Remove the wig if possible.

Apply warm antibacterial soapy water with a sponge or cotton cloth and gently massage the face. warm sponge with antibacterial soap to gently pat down the fact.

Pay close attention not to damage the eyes and eyelashes, avoid getting these areas wet.

Gently pat down the face with a dry non-abrasive cloth, allow to air dry naturally before reattaching to the body.

Do not submerge your dolls head in water at any point.

Do not use abrasive soaps or any other cleaning products.

Do not use harsh materials or hard/sharp objects.

Do not apply too much pressure on the skin.

Never use a hairdryer are any other heating device on your doll.

Do not attempt to speed up drying by leaving near a radiator/ fire or any other heating device.


Sex Doll Wig Care

The sex doll wigs should always be removed from the dolls head before cleaning.

You may use shampoo and conditioner if you wish.

We recommend combing the hair straight after cleaning allowing the wig to air dry on a wig stand.

Do not dry the wig on the dolls head.

Do not use hair products to style the hair, they may cause damage to the doll’s skin and face.


Sex Doll Skin Care

Use a brush to apply baby powder on her skin to keep her skin is lifelike smooth if you find her skin is not smooth. Please do it only when her body is dry. This is important to avoid tearing of her skin.

Please make sure the clothing you put on her is color transfer resistant. Dark colour and low-quality clothing can easily transfer the colour on her skin. Please wash the clothing a few times to prevent it happens. If it really happens, you can use the TPE Doll Stain Removal to remove the stains. Alternatively, you can also use olive oil to wipe on the stains, then use a wet cloth to wipe the stain off.

Please keep her away from magazines, coloured leather, newspaper, or any of such to avoid colour transferred to her.

Do not leave your dolls arms or legs up or open for any period of time longer than a few minutes. If you leave your doll with her arms up or legs spread, the stress placed on the TPE will cause tearing. You may return to find your dolls underarms or the groin area has split apart, which then will require repair. So take care to always return your doll back to a neutral stress-free position, with arms down by her sides and legs closed, when you are not using her.

Don’t expose your sex doll to direct sunlight to prevent ageing of the TPE material.

TPE is soft and is subject to flattening and creasing if left in a sitting position or laying on a surface for a length of time. When leaving your doll unattended for more than a few days, be sure to hang her with the Closet Bar Suspension Kit to keep her free from compression marks and creasing.

All of the above options will keep your doll in good condition. As we said above, just ensure the doll is not in direct contact with any inks or materials which could potentially pass over colour to the doll.

Tips for replacing fingernails

Lay the doll in the neutral position.

Align the (loose) fingernails that have fallen off with the bare fingernails. This is so you can work out which fingernail matches which finger.

Once you have selected your fingernail, apply a thin and even layer of glue on the bare fingernail area. Ensure the area is clean and dry first, free from any dirt or talc.

Do not over apply the glue, aim for an even yet thin covering. Avoid applying too much, causing it to spill outside the nail area.

Once aligned correctly, press and hold the nail on for 5 seconds – without touching any glue.

Excess glue is difficult to remove, so it’s best to avoid any spillages altogether. In the event of glue overspill, remove the glue immediately with a microfibre cloth and hot soapy water.


Tips for replacing the eyes:

Lay the doll in the neutral position.

Gently and carefully pull the eyelids apart (Up and down, not left and right) with one hand, without touching the eyelashes or make-up.

With the other hand, remove the eye and remove all the packing.
“Scrunch” the packing tightly into the new eye.

With one hand, pull the eyes apart, without touching the eyelashes or make-up.

With the other hand, pop the new eye into the socket.


Tips for reattaching loose eyelashes:

Lay your doll down flat, facing upwards.

Apply a small amount of glue to a paperclip, pin, cocktail stick or any other household “tool” with a fine tip. We recommend a cocktail stick.

Pull the eyelash gently back and apply glue to the back of the eyelash (not the doll)

Holding the ends of the eyelash and not touching the glue, press it carefully into the position you want it to stick

Hold for 5 seconds and let go.

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